International Websites


  Link   English/French Google group
I’ve created a new bilingual English/French gamba group for Google. After having lived more than 20 years in Paris I realize how much is not communicated from the French viol world to the English speaking one and vice-versa. That is my reason for creating the group, I hope it will be a great resource for all that love the viol.
  Link   Jonathon Dunford
a fine exponent of French viol music by Marais, St Colombe and others. His web page includes details of his excellent recordings as well as information on his research into Marin Marais and other aspects of viol playing. He runs an annual workshop in France.
  Link   Finale Music
This site contains lots of free downloads of music scores including some edited by our member, Ruth Kelly, for viols. Just search on the name Ruth Kelly and they will come up.
  Link   Guentersberg Music
Publisher of viola da gamba music and CDs, several of which have been reviewed in our newsletter and Chelys. There is a comprehensive catalogue of their music and you can order directly from the web page.
  Link   Wendy’s Viols
Fine Chinese viols endorsed by Wendy Gillespie. Commissioned by Finnish gambist Markku Luolajan-Mikkola, these instruments are hand-made in Beijing, China by master Wang Zhi Ming and they are faithful to the authentic light construction techniques of early strings, made from sycamore, spruce, and ebony with purfling.
  Link   Charivari
Under the artistic direction of Susanne Heinrich (viola da gamba) and the musical leadership of Kah-Ming Ng, an Australian, (harpsichord) , the ensemble specializes in the ingenious use of period instruments to produce ‘ravishing sonorities and full-bodied textures’. They have recorded some 14 CDs including gamba music of Marais and early music from Spain, Italy and England. They also publish music for viola da gamba.
  Link   Viola da Gamba Society of America
A very large society with lots of resources. Site includes some excellent video’s on bowing.
  Link   Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain
A very large society with lots of resources.
  Link   Fretwork Consort of Viols
One of the World’s leading viola da gamba consort with large number of recordings.
  Link   Concordia
A UK based viola da gamba consort led by Mark Levey recently recorded Volume 1 of the Royal Consorts by Gibbons.
  Link   Phantasm Consort of Viols
Like Fretwork, has recorded much of the viol consort repertoire to critical acclaim.
  Link   Sex Chordae Consort of Viols
John Dornenburg’s consort of viols.
  Link   Music’s Re-creation
John Dornenburg’s baroque group.
  Link   Les Voix Humaines
Susie Napper and Margaret Little’s site with references to their large number of commercial CD’s including the duets of St Colombe.
  Link   Ruby Instruments
Maker of the amazing electric viola da gamba. Interesting site with good sound grabs.
  Link   Pirastro strings
A leading maker of gut strings.
  Link   Boulder Early Music Shop
A good source for viola da gamba music and strings in the USA.
  Link   Recorder MusicMail (UK)
A large supply of printed music available by post including a wide range of music for viola da gamba.
  Link   Gamba Music Club (UK)
Publishes a selection of music annually for members.
  Link   Corda Music
UK publisher of a large range of viol consort music often with selection of clefs who supply music directly by post.

  Link   Kurschner Strings
A leading supplier of high quality gut strings. (web page in English and German).
  Link   Daniel Larson
A US expert on plucked and bowed early instruments and their strings with a very comprehensive web page.
  Link   Elizabethan Conversation
An Early Music Duo. “Melodies of such haunting beauty defenitely deserve to be heard”
  Link   RipMeister Publications
Daniel Rippe offfers music for viola da gamba, viols, keyboard and voice… in early music performance editions.
Our mission is to add to the repertory for viola da gamba by offering music that we, as performers, have wanted to see published. This includes new music for viol; period music never before published, out of print or hard to find; adaptations in the spirit of period performance practice; vocal works with viol or suitable for viol consort; and some things just for fun! 
  Link   G Rubin Bows
Maker of fine bows from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Violin bows for renaissance and early baroque music. These are designed taking into consideration the iconography and developed with the goal of being a useful tool to perform the music of this period
  Link   Pedro Ferreira: Rumor Instrument Maker Workshop
Instrument maker from Portugal
  Link   Affetto
From New Zealand, Early music ensemble Affetto were formed in 2010 to explore the lesser known chamber music of the Baroque and Renaissance. The four members of Affetto are all early music specialists, leaders in their respective fields, Kiwis, overseas trained, all playing authentic instruments & all hopelessly passionate about early music.