The Marais Project
A valuable site for information about this composer and Jenny Eriksson’s project to publically perform all his music. Most concerts are in Sydney.

Shaun Ng
An internationally famous performer now living in Perth

Laura Vaughan
A leading performer and teacher of the viol based in Melbourne.

Josie and The Emeralds
Based in Sydney and directed by Brooke Green, the group performs not only rarely heard works from the Renaissance, but also contemporary music.

Saltbush Ensemble
Reidun Turner (viols) and Ryan Williams (recorder), based in Melbourne

Consortium Viols
Melbourne’s Consort of Viols featuring Laura Vaughan, Laura Moore, Reidun Turner, Ruth Wilkinson and Victoria Watts

Ludovico’s Band
16th-18th century music ensemble featuring Ruth Wilkinson on viols

Latitude 37
Baroque trio featuring Laura Vaughan on viols

La Compania
Renaissance band featuring Victoria Watts on viols

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