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This is a selection of Viola da Gamba/Early Music related websites in Australia. Links will open in a new browser window.

The Early Music Association of New South Wales
Founded in 1977, the Society provides a focus in NSW for the study and performance of Western music written prior to the 19th century and members are professional and amateur musicians, instrument makers, teachers, students and concert-goers.

The Early Music Society of Queensland
Early Music Queensland brings together people with an interest in the music, instruments and dance of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods

The Early Music Society of Victoria

Australia’s foremost early music society with many viola da gamba players as members. Organised the 2004 Easter Viol School.

The Marais Project
A valuable site for information about this composer and Jenny Eriksson’s project to publically perform all his music. Most concerts are in Sydney.

Shaun Ng
An internationally famous performer now living in Perth

Laura Vaughan
A leading performer and teacher of the viol based in Melbourne.

Josie and The Emeralds
Based in Sydney, the group performs not only rarely heard works from the Renaissance, but also contemporary music.

Ian Watchorn
Melbourne-based expert on the history of viola da gamba making and associated bows. Maker of fine viols and bows. Supplier of gut strings for viols

Arthur Robinson
Perth-based maker of viols & other bowed strings.

Saraband Music
Music publisher in Queensland with special interest in music for the viol.

The Recorder Homepage
Nick Lander from Perth runs this enormous site with excellent links for all things to do with the recorder. Many of the music links are valuable for viola da gamba players

Orpheus Music
Publishers and retailers of music for viols and recorders.

Australian Strings Association – WA
The Australian Strings Association WA (AUSTA) is the Western Australian chapter of the national association for string players.

Trio Grosso
Trio Grosso is an early music ensemble based in Perth, Western Australia.

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